Is Dance A Sport? Part Two

As discussed in my post a few months back there is some controversy throughout the United States and even other parts of the world on whether or not dance is a sport. The writer of this blog ( has concluded yes, for many of the same reasons I myself did back in September.

The definition of a sport is “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others.” By this very definition dance is a sport, however many don’t realize it because the competition aspect of dance is not well-known unless you yourself or a friend are a dancer. However more and more people are learning of dance competitions thanks to shows like Lifetime’s Dance Moms and FOX’s production of the competition show So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD).

Another aspect of a sport is the training, many people know of the tough physical training football players and track stars endure in order to get ready of their games or races. Many do not know the physical training dancers go through in order to be able to perform a three-minute dance full of jumping, turning and cardiovascular work. Every class of mine begin with jumping jacks and laps around the room to warm up our muscles. After that we do a deep stretch in order to prevent injuries and then proceed to abs, arms and leg work outs. Immediately following we do leaps and turns across the floor and then begin practicing the dances often running them at least two times in a row before a water break. That is quite a bit of work for teenage girls all under 130 pounds if you ask me. Not to undermine the hard work that football players much larger than I do.

Many people argue that dance can’t be a sport because you are judged to receive your ranking as opposed to just simply earning your points through plays or finishing in a race. However the judges that determine your score follow a strict set of rules in order to decide these rankings. I think that the author of this article made a very valid point when they discussed the fact that gymnastics is considered a sport in the Olympics which follow the same idea as dance in order to get placement. If gymnastics can be considered a sport even with the judges deciding the fate then how is dance any different besides the categories that they are judged just as strictly on?

I believe that for all these reasons and probably many more that dance is a sport. Maybe some day in the near future we may even see dance as an Olympic sport and broadcast-ed across the nation for people to enjoy.

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